Montessori-Style Church for Kids

On May 12 we launched a new Montessori-style lab for kids on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  Click here to find out more.

Welcome from Our Pastor

To be honest it feels a little strange being at the top of the church's home page but I'm excited to welcome you to Redeemer.  It feels strange because Redeemer is made up of a lot of incredible people.  They bring so much love and care and experience to our church community. They are brilliant. I want you to meet them, so I'd like to invite you to come visit us soon.

—Rev. Marc Kennedy

What Matters to Us

People— every human being has value and was made in God's image. We all carry that imprint of divinity in us. All living things matter.

Jesus— he turned the word upside down, toppling the powerful and exalting the powerless. We're trying to get upside down with him.

This town— and everywhere nearby. We come from Kingston, Poulsbo, Suquamish, Hansville, Eglon, and more. We want to see people here thrive.

Children— children are people and we already listed people above, but we care so deeply about kids that we wanted to call that out. We take children seriously. They are not the future of our upside-down Jesus-focused community--they are that community. We put no barriers up to their involvement and leadership. Our goal is to raise spiritually inquisitive leaders.

Will I Be Happy Here?

If we're honest with ourselves, almost everyone looking for a church asks themselves this question. Is it too obnoxious to say we think this might be the wrong question? If you ask, "Will my life be better because I'm here?" the answer is yes. Will you be welcome here? Yes. Will you become closer to God and live more in rhythm with God? Yes. Will your life matter more? Maybe. Nothing you do or don't do can ever, ever—can we say that again—ever change your value, but by partnering with us your life will have more impact for good.

How to Find Us

Our address is 9900 NE Shorty Campbell Rd., Kingston, WA 98346



We are just off of Parcells Rd NE, on the edge of Kingston city limits, as you head toward Poulsbo on the main highway, SR-104.


Want to contact us? Click here.

When We Meet

10am Sundays at our building for Christian worship. We sing. We teach. We hang out together. On the first Sunday of each month we share communion (also called the Lord's Supper) during the service.


7pm 3rd Thursday of each month at Westside Pizza in Kingston for Pub Theology. Hot food, cold drinks, warm conversation about God and our experience of God in the world. No right or wrong answers and food to share.

What to Expect

Sundays—  Most people dress in business casual or casual, so jeans or slacks or dresses or skirts or the occasional kilt. You can dress however you want.


Our kids read scripture, usher, light candles, share God Sightings. Starting May 12th we will be guiding Montessori-style spiritual labs for kids twice a month during church. You can read more about that here.
If you prefer, infants and toddlers can play in the nursery space with a view into the sanctuary.


3rd Thursdays—  Definitely casual. Some people may have a beer or glass of wine while we talk. Others drink water or soft drinks. We will always have food to share.


Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available on the menu. Westside Pizza sells peanuts, so it is not a nut-free space.